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Throughout the years our hair goes through so much if you really think about it, the damage from vast colour changes, the heat from our hair straighteners and don't forget the array of hair hairsprays used and hair products you may just want to try over the years for better results. That's why it's vital you should take care of your hair and by using our fine selection of hair treatments you can really revitalise and restore any damaged hair.

At Unineed we have an amazing collection of hair treatments for women, ranging from creams, oils and shampoos that will destress your hair to bring back that bounce.

  1. RRP: £30.00

    Our Price: £22.99

    Christophe Robin - Detangling Gelée with Sea Minerals (250ml)

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  2. RRP: £33.00

    Our Price: £24.99

    Christophe Robin - Moisturising Hair Cream (100ml)

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  3. RRP: £62.50

    Our Price: £58.99

    Christophe Robin - Cleansing Purifying Scrub (250ml) and Cleansing Volumising Paste (250ml)

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  4. £8.99

    Bleach London - Reincarnation Hair Mask (200ml) (damaged box)

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  5. RRP: £8.99

    Our Price: £6.99

    Cantu - Avocado Leave In Condtioning Cream (340g)

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  6. £22.99

    Cantu - Curl Control Range Bundle

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  7. RRP: £11.99

    Our Price: £9.99

    L'Oreal - Tecni ART Liss Control+ Serum (50ml)

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  8. RRP: £18.99

    Our Price: £10.99

    Nioxin - Deep Repair Hair Mask (150ml)

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  9. £30.99

    DevaCurl - Low-Poo Original Mild Lather Cleanser (946ml)

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  10. £23.99

    DevaCurl - Deep Sea Repair Mask (237ml)

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  11. £16.99

    DevaCurl - No Poo Decadence Moisturizing Cleanser (355ml)

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  12. RRP: £15.00

    Our Price: £12.99

    DevaCurl - Mist-Er Right Dream Curl Refresher (355ml)

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  13. £16.99

    DevaCurl - Low-Poo Original Cleanser (355ml)

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  14. RRP: £22.00

    Our Price: £19.99

    DevaCurl - Wash Day Wonder Pre-Cleanse Slip Detangler (355ml)

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  15. RRP: £14.50

    Our Price: £9.99

    Wella - SP Balance Scalp Mask (200ml)

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  16. £10.99

    Wella - Invigo Nutri-Enrich Wonder Balm Leave-In (150ml)

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  17. £12.99

    Schwarzkopf - BlondMe Keratin Restore Bonding Mask (200ml)

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  18. £15.99

    Goldwell - Elumen Hair Colour BR@6 (200ml)

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  19. RRP: £25.00

    Our Price: £17.99

    Sachajuan - Volume Powder Hair Spray (200ml)

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  20. RRP: £22.00

    Our Price: £16.99

    Sachajuan - Shine Serum (30ml)

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